Makeup Artist in Venice for your photoshoot

Red Carpet makeup Artist in Venice

Fashion and TV makeup artist and hairstylist in Venice

Before a photoshoot it is essential to appear perfect and to rely on a professional makeup artist and hairstylist is a choice you will not regret to appear wonderful in every single photo.

Depending on the dress chosen and the time in which the photoshoot is performed, Lisa will create the perfect look for you so that your skin will look flawless and your eyes will be defined and shown in photos.


Lisa has been present for many years at the International Venice film festival as makeup artist and hairstylist taking care of the beauty of actress and producers who will walk the red carpet.


Lisa is also a fashion makeup artist in Venice;  she deals with makeup and hairstyle for fashion photo shoots both on location in Venice and on set.

She works in national and local TV for various programs and interviews, making every woman she touches perfect.


Lisa is also present as makeup artist for the famous Venice Carnival, creating make-up and hairstyle inspired by the Venetian ladies of the '700 who celebrate the Carnival  in popular parties such as the Ballo del Doge.